Hindi Debate – A new Agenda to Divide India

The President’s approval to make Hindi compulsory in CBSE and Kendriya Vidyalya has ruffled feathers with most non-Hindi speaking states accusing the Centre of suppressing other native languages. (Source: TOI)

Deputy leader of Trinamool Congress Saugata Roy alleged the move is meant to implement the BJP’s majoritarian idea based on their slogan, ‘Hindi, Hindu, and Hindustan’. “The Centre should have been more cautious before implementing the decision in non-Hindi speaking states.” (Source: TOI)

“When the people in the north don’t even make an effort to learn any south Indian language, why should our children be forced to study a particular language?” said an official from Telangana’s education department. (Source: TOI)

But the politics over Hindi Impossisom debate is one more agenda to divide India. Everyone in most of the non-Hindi speaking states are comfortable talking in English, they have accepted English as it is an need of the hour, English have given them job and a way to.connect to the society.

Well, the same applies to Hindi, to connect to rest of the India, where people from rural do not know English, Hindi is a way of communication. India is growing and people in India need to connect to each other, there is a common platform and a language needed. It has to be a language which is spoken by majority. None of the government has banned your regional language, nor they are trying to suppress it. If not Hindi, you can come up with a different language which all can speak and adapt to easily. We cannot stick to Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telgu, Bhojpuri, Asami, Konkani, Tullu, Malayalam etc etc  and ask everyone to learn all these languages, we need one common language. It can be Sanskrit or Hindi or any other language.

The political parties are nothing but trying to play emotional game by creating a feeling of suppressing state language by Central Government.


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