Sonu Nigam Got Guts

In a series of tweets Singer Sonu Nigam targeted the use of Loudspeaker by Temples, Gurudwara’s and Mosques. But guess what who got offended. Well, we are sure you must have guessed it right. It’s all over internet and debates that Sonu Nigam targeted Azan, but that’s not true.


Most of the Leading news paper reported it as “Sonu Nigam’s Tweet attacking sentiments have angered his fans and followers” and also the Bollywood is divided on his opinion. Also few so called liberal pages on Facebook calling him a RSS Agent, Bhakt or a Right wing Anti-Muslim. Some newspaper even reported it as “Sonu Nigam’s feels Azan is Gundagardi” for few likes and shares.

DNA finds it’s shocking

Janta Ka reporter is too much

As usual similar to West Bengal government, The Quint has minority appeasement policy

The scoopWhoop says Azan is Gundagardi .hahaha

Well, Wise Indian Tongue feels his tweets are misinterpreted, he just wanted the speaker to lower the volume when people are sleeping and nothing else.
Let us know your comment on it.

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