Rise of Right Wing In India .. !!

For past few years situation in India was made to make Hindu’s feel misearble by giving benifits to so called Minority Muslims and Christians in the country. Muslims are vocal about their rights, whereas Christains silently carried out conversions of Lower Caste Hindus using the funding from western countries. Conversion in India has an hidden agenda of west, which indeed gave money, food, wealth for free to converted, while others were given no care. Poor who are ready to get converted are given health care facilities and food which forced many poor to do so. Government in past did not give much attention to these conversions and foreign funding. Indian Christians – who for Hindu nationalists become conflated with Western inroads into traditional Indian Hindu culture – are caught up in the larger Indian Hindu-Muslim competition, even though they account for only about 2.3 percent of the population.

In many states in the name of liberalism, benifits has been given to minority, state like Bengal where Mamta Banarjee openedly claimed she eats cow meat for getting few votes. Hundreds of households in a village in West Bengal’s Birbhum district have been denied permission to organise Durga puja by the local administration following objections by a few Muslim families in the village. Similar kinds of incidents have happened in UP during the SP rule where Govt Land has been alloated to make Cemetery for muslims, whereas Land for Cemetery for Hindus have been declined. Continuous attacks on RSS, BJP volunteers in Kerala as caused anger among many Hindus.

Currently in India there is a slow decline in the Hindu population growth, when the Muslim population of about 14 percent is growing. That’s a scary proposition for Indian Hindus, who have been in conflict with their Pakistani Muslim neighbors since the 1947 partition. For one thing, India is a vibrant democracy with strong currents of resistance to what’s known as “saffronisation,” meaning using the power of the state to impose Hindu values, beliefs and practices. Americans and others concerned with religious liberty would do well to encourage those forces.


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